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Atmos is the latest craze in the audio home theater world.  It adds a third dimension to what we have formally known as surround sound.  In and at most system you have a combination of front speakers, wall speakers, and ceiling speakers.  This provides three dimensions of sound from front, side, and overhead.  Not all spaces are equipped to handle Atmos and it takes the right room dimensions in order to successfully implement.  It is important to have ceiling height as well as depth and width to your room.  This is the only way to achieve separation between the audio tracks being sent to each speaker so that you can effectively receive the three dimensions of audio.

Atmos is the closest thing to real life that we have heard.  If you are a movie enthusiast Atmos is a must and guaranteed to impress. Atmos incorporates your traditional front three speakers, two side wall speakers, two rear wall speakers, two overhead ceiling speakers, two rear overhead ceiling speakers, and a pair of subwoofers. This is commonly referred to as 7.2.4.
Although there are expanded versions of this residential applications are most commonly seen in 7.2.4.  It is possible to add additional subwoofers into a space as needed.

For the ultimate cinematic experience you should combine Atmos with a 4K video system.  Sony currently has one of the best and most cost-effective 4k systems on the market.  We currently do about one per month of these types of systems with  Atmos 7.2.4 and 4K Sony Video.