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Atmos Surround Sound

Atmos is the latest craze in the audio home theater world.  It adds a third dimension to what we have formally known as surround sound.  In and at most system you have a combination of front speakers, wall speakers, and ceiling speakers.  This provides three dimensions of sound from front, side, and overhead.  Not all […]


I’m sure that you have heard the phrase location, location, location.  Well in the technology world it’s networking, networking, networking.  Almost all of these electronics you see advertised on television rely heavily on your home network.  The networking equipment that you bought at a local retail shop five years ago will just not cut it […]

Home Automation Basics

Man Caves has teamed up with Control4 to feature home automation to our customers. Now you can completely automate your entire home, making it work for you while saving your money. There are things happening right now, today, that we never thought were possible just 10 years ago. We have officially passed the Jetsons on […]