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Man Caves has teamed up with Control4 to feature home automation to our customers. Now you can completely automate your entire home, making it work for you while saving your money. There are things happening right now, today, that we never thought were possible just 10 years ago. We have officially passed the Jetsons on every front except with one exception, flying cars for the masses. It is now possible to control your entire home with Voice Commands. We are launching a new facility in 2017 that will be a new home completely outfitted with voice activated technology, and it’s not just for the rich. This solution will be in several of our existing clients’ homes within the year.
Not completely sure what I’m talking about. Lets step back and talk about home automation in general terms. Home automation is the process of taking features like Lighting, Thermostats, Audio & Video, Security, Cameras, Appliances, Garage Doors, Shades & Blinds, and even Plumbing, and making them all work together and be able to communicate and know what the others are doing. So the lights know what time of day it is and can turn on at night when I may be coming home. The lights can also tell what the Alarm and Security are doing and notify my neighbors in the event of an emergency. It can notify you when your children arrive and leave the home and even send you text messages as needed. In short, it puts you in control and makes your home work harder so you can focus on other things.

These systems are only as good as the professional you have installing them. They are easy to use for the client but they require a trained and certified individual to program and occasionally update them. They also require a strong network. Man Caves can advise you on all these matters so don’t worry. When you sit down with us be prepared for great deal of education because we love to talk about technology and help our clients make informed decisions.