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I’m sure that you have heard the phrase location, location, location.  Well in the technology world it’s networking, networking, networking.  Almost all of these electronics you see advertised on television rely heavily on your home network.  The networking equipment that you bought at a local retail shop five years ago will just not cut it anymore.  Networking is the single largest problem that we run into when facing issues with anyone’s audio video system.  So if you’re interested in technology then you must understand the basis for having a sound network.

Most electronic devices today advertise easy to use and easy to set up wireless capabilities.  That very statement is an oxymoron if you don’t know anything about networking.  So what do I mean by networking?  Networking refers to both your wireless and wired capabilities.  Most people have what’s known as a wireless router which at times to handle both forms and one device.  These units were designed for 2500 square-foot colonial homes with 2 to 3 users.  And even in that environment, they can be suspect.

If possible the best solution is to have a separate device that handles the wireless functionality and a different device that handles the network routing.  Popular brands that you may have heard of or seen are Luxul and Pakedge.  MAN CAVES is a certified installer and re-sailor of both of these brands.  These types of networking devices have 4 to 5 times the strength and capability of most networking equipment in retail stores.  And with the networking demands that we place on our systems today this becomes increasingly important.

One big thing I want to drive home with you is in regards to wireless technology versus wired technology.  I can’t tell you how many times a week I hear somebody say oh I’ll just put it on the wireless network.  And two that I will always say if you can hardwire a device you most definitely should.  Hardwired will always be out wireless technology in speed and reliability.  If you are trying to stream videos you must hardwire your devices.  Streaming music can often times be handled through wireless means because it requires less data than video.  So as a general rule of thumb if you can hardwire a device do so.  The less devices you have utilizing a wireless network be more reliable your wireless strength and speed will be.